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Culinary Firsts

Tonight, Z, aged 8 months tasted her first steak (don’t worry – not a whole steak). It was New York Strip  – heavily salt and peppered a la Bittman, cooked medium-rare and left to rest for 15 minutes. The first … Continue reading

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Eating Fruit at Disneyland

I’m happy to report that you needn’t live on ice cream alone at Disneyland, should you find yourself there in the blistering late summer heat of  Southern California. Not that I did, but my wife (a native Californian with both … Continue reading

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Brown Food Fast (at least it’s not fast food)

Is it a momentary blip? We can only hope. They’re only eating brown food now. And beige. And ivory white. Peanut butter, bread (at least it’s whole wheat), and string cheese, mostly. We’ve been trying to pump up the color: … Continue reading

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Smoothie Operator

Wherein you become one, and simultaneously get your kids to eat fruit Put on Sade’s greatest hits. Imagine a world very very distant from the one you inhabit now. Relax and face the fact that glamour and intrigue are for … Continue reading

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Baby V. Baby Octopus

I first realized that my infant daughter would eat just about anything when I handed her a curled tentacle of baby octopus that she promptly devoured with glee. I hadn’t planned on introducing her at such an early age to … Continue reading

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The Taste of Real Eggs

I was staying at a friend’s house the other night and, before hitting the road to head home, they offered me half a dozen eggs freshly laid by their "house hens" (okay, so they kept them in a big free-range … Continue reading

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Gastrokid: Putting the Gas in Gastronomy

So, about the name Gastrokid. Do we need to explain it? Does any word with “gas” in it make you titter? Okay, admittedly it does have an, ahem, air of flatulence about it to the juvenile mindset. Let us not … Continue reading

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Accidental Agrodolce

Achieving successful Agrodolce (sour and sweet) is considered something of an art in Italian kitchens. It’s a universal notion in cooking, whether it be the tangy sweet appeal of BBQ to the sweet and sour dishes of transmogrified Chinese cooking … Continue reading

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All-Kid All-Clad

All-Clad, Staub, Le Creuset and other worthy cookware companies haven’t yet released child-sized lines of pots and pans. It probably has something to do with the liability issues that would plague a company that even began to suggest a minor … Continue reading

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Pesto for Pests

A Project by Which Children Can Learn The Mechanics Behind The Ketchup of the Foodie Class August is a school-less stretch of unscheduled time. This is the summer month where—if you’re not lucky enough to be on vacation or staffed … Continue reading

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