Brown Food Fast (at least it’s not fast food)

Is it a momentary blip? We can only hope. They’re only eating brown food now. And beige. And ivory white. Peanut butter, bread (at least it’s whole wheat), and string cheese, mostly. We’ve been trying to pump up the color: we’ve been presenting them with ten dollars worth of heirloom tomatoes at a time, fully ripe organic peaches, perfectly poached and seasoned haricot vert. And they’re having none of it.
My son has started to request his tortellini, get this, without pesto. “Too spicy” he says. Pesto used to be his one trace-vegetable of the day.

The arugula and red leaf lettuce, dressed lightly with lemon juice and olive oil and grated parmesan. It used to be eaten heartily. It now wilts on the little, flower shaped plastic plate.

The grilled asparagus, once eagerly eaten, too lies limp, unloved.

At least they’re eating blueberries.

At least they’re eating gummy vitamins.


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