Gastrokid: Putting the Gas in Gastronomy


So, about the name Gastrokid. Do we need to explain it? Does any word with “gas” in it make you titter? Okay, admittedly it does have an, ahem, air of flatulence about it to the juvenile mindset. Let us not forget that in certain cultures, a bit of gastric action is considered the highest compliment at the table (or floor, or carpet). But that’s neither here nor there, for the tradtion we’re coming from is a bit more Brittanic.

See, gastrokid also happens to be a riff on the term gastropub, the trend that has swept the UK resto scene (Gastropubs are homey little pubs that are as serious about serving amazing food as pouring a good pint. Among the more famous gastropubs stateside: the Spotted Pig in NY and in L.A. at Ford’s Filling Station).

And gastropub is (obvious to anyone with even a primitive grasp of latin roots [or is it greek?]) a riff on the term gastronomy, which has something to do with the elevated study of cuisine, or something like that.

And let’s not squeamishly avoid the fact that gastronomy (that gassy root again!) is an elaborate, joyful, wonderfully human elaboration on the simple fact of sustainance and all that goes with that (gastrointestinal and otherwise).

So budding Gastrokids:

You are what you eat.

And you’re likely to be reminded of it soon afterwards….

- Hugh

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