Getting an Earful

Z is seven month’s old now and is ravenous most of the time. We’ve tried fobbing her off with organic baby meals but she’s having none of it – anytime that you are eating a meal she’ll lock onto you with those deep dark eyes of hers and subject you to infant interrogation (trust me I’ve seen her almost reduce a grown woman to tears on the bus with that stare).

So why not start giving her the good stuff? Only food her stomach can handle at the moment of course but why Balkanize her with "baby food"?

We’ve started her off with corn (though I admit I did sneak her one of my pork ribs the other day for her to suck on the bone…..deeeelicious). We’ve been in Michigan where the corn is excellent this year so we eat it every night. Z gets one of our cast-offs and she gums it down to the cob.

Not only is she getting the good nutrients but she’s learning the motorskills of feeding herself. And she feels part of our meal. She certainly no messier an eater than her father – check it out.



- Matthew

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2 Responses to Getting an Earful

  1. Robert Coffey says:

    What A great looking baby!!!!!!!!! You can tell she loves corn.

  2. Organic Baby says:

    Babies natuarally want to follow their moms and dads, especially at dinner time! So this is a great way of learning how to eat real food stuffs, acquire the flavours and get the nutrient benefits all at the same time.

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