London Restaurants Serve Gastrokids

Just when you think that New York has cornered the market on gastro-cuisine for kids, along comes London to up the ante.

And in the form of Tom Aikens, no less – Michelin-starred chef celebre of London’s fab crowd.

The London Evening Standard has a story about Aiken’s plans to open a restaurant that considers kids a good addition to the ambience rather than a reason to ask for the check.

Says the story

"Think back to when you were eight and eating at the family table,
secure and happy – that’s the epitome of comfort food," says Aikens.
"My aim is to take that moment and translate it into a restaurant. It
will be called Tom’s Kitchen.

Details are scarce on the new venture but the Standard does supply a handy list of other London kid-friendly restaurants.


- Parties at the Blue Kangaroo

Here they are with links.

Inn on the Park
– Signature Dish: the Poor Knights of Windsor (that’s eggy bread says the Standard)

Blue Kangaroo – Less a family eating experience than a place to eat in peace while your kids work up an appetite in the playroom downstairs.

Babes ‘n Burgers we like’d the sound of this joint right away….and then we had the concept properly explained to us. Oh well, apparently the kids love it as well.

- Matthew


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