Mini Me Mixology


Not every child who puffed on a candy cigarette grew up to be a
smoker. Not every boy who donned his sister’s tutu turned into a cross
dresser. Nor will every kid who drinks a virgin cocktail promptly at
5:30 on weeknights while listening to some downtempo and relaxing music
grow up to be an alcoholic.

Okay, while kiddie cocktail hour is not a daily occurrence in my
household, on occasion my daughter has asked for a cocktail while Mom and Dad
have indulged in a gin and tonic, a prosecco and campari, or something
or other with that helpful post-work, pre-bath time kick.

On occassion I’ve poured her a plastic Ikea lowball full of ice and
water with a twist of lemon and that’s made her feel part of the
moment. That little zip of lemon oil on chilled water in an open cup
was a revelation to her. The smile that crossed her face was broader
than any I’ve ever seen following a slice of cake or pizza. The tonic
and soda have been a little too tickly for her palate, so it’s just
water and that’s just as it should be (and a hell of a lot better for
her than a treacly “juice”; how can anyone think that’s a good idea?).
That’s fine enough for now and I’m not about to go any further
encouraging a little lounge lizard, though I have considered other
virgin cocktails of a more elaborate mixological bent. Among them:

Bloody Mary Poppins
Tomato juice, worchestershire sauce, and a celery stick garnish on the rocks. Could be a way to get them to eat vegetables.

Grenadine on ice with an orange twist. A negroni without the gin, the
camapari, or the sweet vermouth. Not very nutritious, but there is that
orange and it’s trace roughage and vitamin C.

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