Smoothie Operator

Wherein you become one, and simultaneously get your kids to eat fruit

Img_0931Put on Sade’s greatest hits. Imagine a world very very distant from the one you inhabit now. Relax and face the fact that glamour and intrigue are for those who aren’t worried about their kids coming down with scurvy.

You needn’t blow your family budget on hyper-seasonal fresh fruit that spoil uneaten due to the shifting sensitivities of juvenile palates (though you should of course introduce them to the pleasures of peak-season fruit when possible; just don’t expect them to accept it with the fervor of a fruitarian). A smoothie usually goes down with a little more ease: it looks like a milkshake, tastes kind of like a milk shake (okay, not at all), but it’s actually fun to eat and can go back in the fridge for later if they bail on it at breakfast. You should drink one too.

Here’s how to make it an easy, daily thing (need we see organic when possible?).

1. each time you go to the grocery store, buy:
-a few big containers of non fat plain yogurt. It keeps for a long time.
-a big orange juice
-4 or 5 packages of frozen fruit (berries, mangoes, whatever)
-a bunch of bananas

2. buy a blender if you don’t have one (we burned out two fifty dollar blenders in one year until we realized the 20 dollar model does just as good job. It just doesn’t look as cool)

3. every morning load up the blender like this:
a few cups of frozen fruit in the bottom.
a banana cut up
throw in a few cups of yogurt
a shot of orange juice

let it sit there for 20 minutes while you do other stuff (it’ll melt and meld and not make such a racket if you try to blend it while frozen rock solid) then blend it up.

Serve in sippy cups with wide straws (before you get them dressed for school. the spills aren’t very fun).

It’s a tasty fiber, vitamin, and protein foundation for the day. Will they feel better? Will you feel better?

(cue Sade)

No need to ask
You’re a smoothie operator

- Hugh

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2 Responses to Smoothie Operator

  1. Eos says:

    Thanks for the smoothy note. I have some additional info on how it works in our family:
    -I use full fat, vanilla yogurt as the kids need the fat to grow (if I make it for myself, I use the non-fat version) and the vanilla, together with the sugar, adds a nice flavor.
    -I use whatever seasonal fruit I can find, except apples (pears work great when they are very ripe). Watermelon is too watery but mangoes are the best. They create the perfect texture. Plums, of all kinds, work well, too.
    -one banana (a must, a smoothy does not taste right without a banana, unfortunately).
    We drink smoothies if we don’t have the fruit on the plate (as in the waffle, oatmeal, porridge, etc.).
    We make a game out of trying to identify which fruits are in the smoothy and the kids are getting pretty good at determining the flavors of different fruits. Stick a guava in there at some point and note the difference!! Frozen fruit can make up for lack of fresh ones, if really necessary.

  2. Michelle says:

    This is great (too bad I can’t put a picture of myself here; otherwise you’d see the big smile on my face). I’ve been advocating smoothies as a fun and healthy alternative for sugary drinks in my home for the past 10 years. I’ve even put out a recipe book with some of my favorites. It’s so important to instill good eating habits in kids when they are young so that they will be able to make good decisions later down the road.
    Just to add on to the suggestions you (and the comment above me) made, I’ve found that rice milk instead of regular milk or even yogurt is a fun alternative. Its thick texture makes for a smoothie that holds together well, and it packs a lot more protein than regular milk does in the same quantity. My youngest is lactose-intolerant, that’s how I found out about rice milk in the first place.
    Well, I hope people like you are helping to spread the word about the many benefits of smoothies. I’ve used my current blender for a few months now without running into any problems…it’s a powerful little machine :)
    Great tips for making smoothies!

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