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Here’s the deal guys – we’re tired, really tired most of the time. We’re juggling multiple kids under the age of five (I know our excellent wives are doing much more of the juggling but give us a tiny bit of due) and we’re still under the impression that we can find time to watch sport, workout occasionaly and even down the odd stiff drink.

When we come home from work we’re confronted with the same question, day after day: what to feed the kids?

As all of you with children know, life in some ways would be a lot easier if you let the little darlings chow down fast food takeout each night, or even just nuked some pre-packaged dinner from Tesco.

But that’s not the point, is it? If you are like us (and I think a lot of you are) you want your kids to eat healthy and you also want them to eat well (We live in fear of hearing my children utter the words Supersize).

Hence the urgent need for a fun, smart, slightly-unhinged blog devoted to preparing sophisticated fayre (and cocktails but more of that later) for your offspring.

Join us as we knock around recipes, share some endearing, if revolting, child-eating habits and try to shape our little ‘uns into fully-fledged Gastrokids.

We’d like to say it’s all for their benefit but it’s not. As all you parents already know, if you want to eat well and you don’t watch to cook multiple meals every night, then you’ve got to convice, cajole or win your children’s appetites along for the ride.

So welcome to Gastrokid as we prepare to save the world…….one home-cooked family meal at a time.

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Welcome to Gastrokid

  1. hungry for more says:

    OK, so give us some recipes!

  2. Deborah Dowd says:

    I saw this link on Epi-log. What a great idea for a blog. There are so many urbane and pretentious food blogs, but your’s is accessible and practical and reaches out to families trying to grow children who have healthy diets and health attitudes about food. I will be checking on you regularly!
    Deborah Dowd

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