California Rolls in the Classroom

Seems that the British public is packed with foodie parents. Or at least that’s what the press are saying today after a new report commissioned by supermarket chain Somerfield into what today’s kids take to school for lunch.


What’s in your kid’s lunchbox? (foto courtesy of Flickr)

Nearly one in five parents now stocked their kids lunch boxes with focaccia and ciabatta sandwiches replacing the soggy, over-buttered top of the mouth clinging (limpet-like) white bread rubbish that formerly ruled. And three percent send their kids to school with homemade bento boxes stuffed full of sushi.

The packed school lunch industry is big business. As the Guardian’s Mortarboard blog points out, according to the report, "parents were spending £50m a week on packed lunches, a whopping £2bn a year."

My eldest still gets fed each day at nursery so we’re not into packed-lunchdom yet but let us know what you send your kids to school with….

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  1. Ann says:

    Currently my little girl likes white bread “not the brown bread Mommy” (thank goodness for a local bakery which makes light,whole wheat bread with taste! She hasn’t figured it out yet;-) sandwichs with butter and deli meat, (with the new kindergaten came a note: Due to food allergies in the class please do not send peanut butter with your child.) So no beloved PB&J sandwiches ;-( yogurt in a tube,fruit whole wheat crackers for a snack,and a cookie sometimes. Or left over dumplings and crab rangoon,spaghetti,mac and cheese. Trying to branch out a bit.

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