Damsons in Dis-Dress

Damsons are a fickle fruit. Supposedly introduced to Britain’s shores by the Romans, the mini-plum with the cloudy blue hue (they always look in need of a good spit and shine) has a brief but glorious season – and we are plum (if you will) smack in the middle of it.

Along with succulent Marjorie plums, it was the Damsons that ruled the fruit roost this week at our local early Autumn farmer’s market.


Now, there’s a whole lot you can do with Damsons – pies, tarts, even crumbles spring to mind. But there’s one niggling issue I have with these sweet fruits and it lies in the middle. Yes, pitting these critters is a nightmare and hardly the task you want to entrust to your young kids (unless the whole family wants to look like some before-the-laundry detergent advert.)

So here’s a radical non-recipe idea for Damson: they’re fresh, they’re ripe and they’re here. So grab a handful and eat ‘em while you’ve got ‘em. A few more weeks and they’ll be gone….until next year.

- Matthew

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