Friday Family Meal: End of Summer Fig and Tomato Feast

This weekend, before night falls quicker than you can get home, before kindergarten turns to first grade, before richly flavored produced turns to root vegetables you have to coax rich flavors out of, you could have a family meal that celebrates all that’s lovely about a lingering, fleeting summer. If you have access to a farmer’s market (or a whole foods) make your last great summer feast one for the ages. Sweet, end-of-summer figs are insanely delicious and a great foil for savory flavors and a sharp or strong cheese. Two of these dishes play on that. A simple grilled steak rounds it all out.

Heirloom tomato, burrata, and basil salad
a few heirloom tomatoes
one ball burrata or fresh mozzarella
some basil leaves
salt and pepper
Slice up tomatoes, arrange on plate, sprinkle with torn basil, and salt. Place burrata in center of tomatoes. Serve.

Grilled gorgonzola-stuffed figs wrapped in pancetta
Cut a little slit in the fig and stuff it with a half teaspoon gorgonzola. Wrap in pancetta. Grill. (leftover gorgonzola stuffed figs make a great next day panini)

Fig, goat cheese, and sage crostini
8 sage leaves
6 ripe mission figs
4 slices rustic white
goat cheese

Fry sage leaves in olive oil, remove, season with s and p. Grill or toast bread. Spread goat cheese on bread. Slice figs and arrange on cheese. Sprinkle sages leaves over and serve.

Grill one 12 oz steak medium rare. Slice and serve.

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