Japonaise Chic(ken) Nuggets

It’s feels almost Nobu-esque to feed your kid these little sauteed treats that use Panko breadcrumbs from Japan. The kids just might fall for this one, eschewing the frozen processed ones for a moment. Mine do.

Panko Chicken Nuggets

What’s in it?

One boneless, skinless chicken breast (that is, both halves of one) cut into 1/2 inch strips
2 beaten eggs in a bowl
flour, on a plate
a couple of cups panko bread crumbs, spread on a plate
salt and pepper
vegetable oil or some other super neutral tasting (not olive oil) oil

How to Cook It

In a nonstick 12 inch or so sautee pan, heat the oil over medium heat. Dredge the chicken pieces through the flour, dip in the egg, then the bread crumbs, then sautee in pan (salt it, pepper it, cook it, turn it when it makes sense) until done. Serve with steamed rice and a little soy sauce.


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