My Kingdom for Frozen Celery

It’s 4am here in the UK and I’m wide awake longing for celery – it has to be frozen and the harder the better.

No, I’m not jonesing for some hardcore iced Bloody Mary, I need something (quick!) to soothe my 8 month old daughter’s teething pains.

Frozen celery (cut into chunks) seems to take the pain away or at least distract babies from the pain of teething. Just my luck then that, while my little one’s been snuffling and screaming the house down for most of the night, we’re right out of the green stuff.

Now she’s finally gone back down……and I’m the one wide awake.

Got any other good teething balms?

Lemme know – I could use a good night’s sleep.

- Matthew

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2 Responses to My Kingdom for Frozen Celery

  1. Wendy Nield says:

    Frozen peas – in a little mesh bag. They’re miraculous. My 9 month old daughter adores them. If you get the frozen petit peas (like the ones Trader Joes carries) they’re sweet and juicy – not dry and mushy. As for the mesh bag, Munchkin makes a good one and you can find them in places like Target and Rite Aide

  2. susan says:

    We have used a frozen mini bagel for teething and it worked great!

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