Nannies Who Lunch….Badly

Could the likes of Gastrokid and our legions of readers (well the couple of dozen anyway) be fueling a new age of parental healthy eating zealotry?

That’s the question the New York Times raises today (never one to miss a chance to explore some trend to its most obtuse conclusion) when it ponders the woes today’s nannies face in making the right food choices for their charges.

French Fries are out, juice is out, even some organic yoghurt isn’t organic enough the nannies lament. Now instead of popping a jar of veggie gunk the ladies are forced to cook from scratch for their charges ….and all for no extra pay.

I know there is a serious issue at stake here – namely choosing to feed your kids healthy but tasty food. Still, it’s hard not to read the Times’ story without raising a smile at the pure paranoia being stoked by the mischevious writer, Jody Kantor.

Case in point:

"Janet Dracksdorf, an educational publisher in Boston, said that a
sitter she employed had been taking her daughter — a toddler at the
time — on regular candy runs. Ms. Dracksdorf did not learn about them
until “two years later, when my daughter was articulate enough to talk
about it,” she said.

“Maybe I should have suspected something
when the baby sitter gave my daughter the Candy Land game for a
third-birthday present,” Ms. Dracksdorf said. Her current nanny has a
degree in nutrition."

I’d be much more concerned if the babysitter gave my toddler Grand Theft Auto.

- Matthew

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