Parmesan: The Cheesewiz of Italy

Real parmesan (I’m talking parmigianno reggiano) is one of those ingredients that makes everything taste so darned good to my kids.

What’s great about parm is that’s pretty low in fat and has a junk-food-like ability to keep kids eating something, particularly healthy-ish dishes like these:

Blanket cherry tomatoes with the stuff and they go down faster.

Grate it over greens (romaine seems to go down easier than darker–i know, healthier–ones like red leaf) along with a light vinaigrette (salted slightly too) and they might actually eat their salad.

Shaved into a baby arugula (less peppery than the big stuff) salad along with a squeeze of lemon juice and a decent amount of olive oil is good too.

Along with some heirloom tomatoes and thyme, a ton of shaved slices of parmesan on top makes a great, not too super cheesy pizza (using premade pizza dough, or you can also set this up on bread run under a broiler).

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