Taming the Wild Rice

Wild rice and brown rice have never been favourites of mine – they just seem too…well…healthy for a carb to be honest.

Starch in my book means mash, or fries or yummy spanish rice lathered in olive oil, a touch of onion and some cilantro for good measure.

My prejudice seems to have filtered down to the kids (funny how that happens). So it was with looks of trepidation that I, my toddler and my baby girl (though she might just have had gas) sat down recently to a family meal prepared by my wife that included chewy and nutty wild rice.

It was delicious. Who knew? The secret my wife divulged once we’d devoured second helpings of the stuff was chicken broth, a cunning substitute on her part for boiling the rice in water.

Rich and flavourful, the rice didn’t taste "healthy" at all – in fact it tasted just a little bit decadent. And that’s just how my 3 1/2 year old, who had previously pledged his allegiance solely to pasta, butter and parmesan, likes his carbs.

- Matthew

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