The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Exotic Fruit for Tots; Jujubees and Sweet Limes

In addition to the welcome late-summer excess of too many tomatoes, super ripe stone fruit, and cobs upon cobs of corn, my little Los Angeles farmers market for some seasonal reason was pushing, stall to stall, produce otherwise usually absent. Obscure fruit that even the Whole Foodses of the world don’t stock on a regular basis. The two we picked up in our culinary adventuring were jujubees and sweet limes. Here’s the gastrokid tasting panel analysis.

Nothing like the chewy little gummy candies we used to buy at the movie theater. I’d bought these before and found them inoffensive in their mealy, apple like blandness. Even the guy I bought these from told me the jujubees weren’t at his favorite stage (he likes them green and young; these were mostly brown, slightly speckled with green). I bought them anyway. Still mealy, still sorta bland. My daughter took a piece, chewed it for a minute, then spit it out into my hand. My boy refused them outright. Great name. Still waiting for them to even approach the likeability of a cheap box of candy.

Sweet Limes:
Zero acid, says the guy at the stall. All the flavor of a lemon, he says, but none of the bite. At home, much better payoff. I squeezed a half a sweet lime into a cup of ice water for my five year old daughter. She loved it. My two year old asked for a cup himself, quaffed it down and said: “It’s like juice!” Indeed.

Even better, I squeezed a whole sweet lime, half a lemon, an ounce of gin, and a splash of campari over ice for me and my wife. A great late summer farmer’s market cocktail.

Sweet Lime Kid Cocktail
juice of 1/2 a ripe sweet lime
1/2 water

Pour over ice, stir, and serve

Sweet Lime Cocktail (NOT for kids)
juice of 1 ripe sweet lime
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 ounce gin
splash campari

Pour over ice, stir, serve.

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One Response to The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Exotic Fruit for Tots; Jujubees and Sweet Limes

  1. esl says:

    good idea with the campri! i need to try it out myself – it was over 85 degrees near san diego today!

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