Weekend Wanderer – The Abergavenny Food Festival

Normally, if you’re on a foodie family adventure, there’s no better place to come than New York. However, I’m here on my own this weekend just as the Abergavenny Food Festival is taking place back home in Wales.

Even though I can’t be there in person, a quick peruse of the festival’s website serves up some real treats that Gastrofamilies can explore….even if they’re solo in NY.

Check out these offerings from Wales and the rest of Europe (not sure how far they can deliver however):

Anglesey Sea Salt – smoked and pure white sea salt from the north of the country

The Fig Farms’ excellent fruit and fig sorbets and ice creams

The Welsh Venison Centre – Never tried venison before? Time to get into the game.

Organic Smokehouse – salmon and cheese delights.

All this before I’ve even had breakfast. I’ll have to make do with a fresh and cuddly H&H bagel…..perhaps being in NY isn’t so bad after all.

- Matthew

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