Big Cheese, Little Cheese

We took a family trip north into the mountains this past weekend. Our destination was the old market town of Brecon and the annual Brecon Food Festival.

Not the most kid-friendly excursion you might say to yourself. And you, know, were it not for homemade chocolate mint fudge, super-tasty black bean burgers and creamy honey ice cream, our toddler, Dylan, might have been cooling his heels instead of eating his way through the afternoon. As for Z, she didn’t have much choice in the matter as she was firmly strapped into the stroller.

The highlight of the afternoon was the cheese – an unpasturized crumbly and very mild Gorwydd Caerphilly for the adults and a pasturized smoked Pont Gar (a new cheese from West Wales) to try out on Dylan (and then for the adults to plunder).


Both of these Welsh cheeses are mild enough to work well with delicate fruit like pears so that’s how we devised our snack.

Dylan thought the Pont Gar a little too overpowering for his three + year old palette ("Mommy, not sure I like this" was his actual refrain) but we persevered offering tiny bites accompanied by the sweet digestif of the pear.

Zelda, stuck in her high chair and not invited into the taste test glared at us the whole way through.

After four bites, Dylan decided the smokey softness could wait for another time (perhaps lifetime) and demolished a packet of string cheese instead.

Which is okay – because it leaves a whole lot more Pont Gar for me.

- Matthew

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