Cupcakes for Me!

Full disclosure – there is nothing remotely healthy about this cupcake recipe – but boy do they taste good.

It was an exceptionally rainy weekend (even for Wales) and so children had to be amused indoors. I took charge of the baby (the easy charge) while my wife handled the action-packed toddler.

What do you want to do this morning Dylan? she asked.

"Make chocolate cupcakes," came the reply.

Here’s what they baked – fluffy sponge cake topped with Green & Black organic chocolate frosting, liberally sprinkled with sweet goodies in patterns only a 3.5 year old can conjure.


How they made them?

It went something like this:


Self raising flour (4oz)
Butter (4oz)
Eggs (2 large)
Caster sugar (4oz)
Green & Black dark chocolate bar (7oz)
double cream (6 tablespoons)

Add the flour, butter, eggs and sugar to a mixing bowl and whisk together at low setting for 2 minutes.

Add the mixture to 12 greaseproof cup cake shells. Bake at 170 C or 325 F for 15 -20 minutes or until tops brown. (You can check doneness by prodding one of the cakes with a sharp knife. When the knife comes out without sticking to the mixture the cakes are done).

Melt the chocolate by breaking into small chunks, adding to a bowl and placing that bowl in another bowl of very hot water – creating a melting bath.

Once melted, add the cream into the chocolate and then spread on top of the cupcakes.

Final step – let your child go crazy with the sprinkles.

(Kudos to DK’s The Baking Book for inspiration)

- Matthew


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