Herby The Love Omelette

The lame B-movie reference will likely annoy and confound your children, but it does state what this omelette is all about: packing major flavor and nutrients into an omelette big enough for four to share. It’s got the fresh herb thing, which must have a vitamin or two in it. It’s got the classic tangy cheesy thing, which for some reason my kids love. And it’s got the egg thing, which is, well, cheap and easy. It’s a classic mid-week, oops-we-ran-out-of-ingredients dinner (goat cheese and fresh herbs are things we keep on hand and replenish weekly; it’s shocking how long flat leaf parsley stays fresh in the crisper drawer). No family can have too many emergency dinner recipes up its sleeve.

6 eggs
1/2 cup of goats cheese, crumbled
2 cups chopped up parsley and basil leaves
salt and pepper
olive oil

Whisk the eggs up and pour into a medium hot 10 or 12 inch nonstick sautee pan coated with a thin layer of olivve oil . Cook a couple of minutes, until the bottom sets. With a spatula, pull one edge off the cooked egg mixture toward you while tilting the pan away from you, lettting the uncooked egg mixture cover the pan. When this sets, do the same thing again. Then do it again. When the final layer is cooked through, put the goat cheese in a line, down the center. Add the herbs. Salt and pepper it. Roll it up. Slide onto plate and cut into four pieces. Serve with a chopped cherry tomato salad.

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