In Praise of Brussels’ Sprouts

An amazing breakthrough.

Following on from Hugh’s major success with grilled Broccolini, I’m pleased to report that my toddling son ate Brussels’ sprouts last week for the very first time. The secret to our success – well garlic and olive oil of course.

Wanna gain some kid veggie eating kudos of your own? Here’s how:

Peel and tail the Brussel’s sprouts (ah, what the hell, let’s just call them BS from this point on). Cut them in halves so they cook quicker and will absorb the maximum covering of oil and garlic.

Heat a non-stick skillet with a liberal dose of virgin olive oil until hot but not spitting (you don’t want to ruin that teflon now).

Add the sprouts, along with a healthly "flick" of sea salt and cook on a medium heat for five minutes, turning regularly so that they don’t burn.

Reduce the heat and keep cooking for another 10 minutes or until they are soft to touch in the middle and browning slightly on the outside.

Add three cloves of finely chopped garlic and cook for another three to five minutes, making sure the garlic doesn’t burn.

Serve, sit back and be amazed as the sprouts disappear into the mouths of babes. Marvel at your command of BS.

- Matthew

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One Response to In Praise of Brussels’ Sprouts

  1. Hugh Garvey says:

    Congratulations. I swear there’s a temperature element to my boy’s affection for certain vegetables, particularly the bitters ones like BS: he loves them while still warm from the pan. No reheating for this kid.

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