Organic Frozen Baby Food – Yum!!

Over in Brooklyn, Happy Baby is generating a bit of a media scrum with the launch of its range of organic, frozen baby food.


Personally, I’m glad to see robust support for frozen fare: despite the bad press frozen food gets, there’s no denying that freezing locks in nutrients that your baby really needs and so can be better for the kids than the so-called fresh veg that in fact has been languishing in transit and on the "spritzer" shelves at your supermarket for days and days on end.

Happy Baby offers two ranges of food – "very smooth" for the 6 month and over crowd and "a little chunky" for those adventurous 9 monthers.

"Yes peas and carrots" and "Baby Dhal" sound just fine. But, "Sweeter Potatoes and Purer Pears"…..mmm, oh to be back in the pure dribble rather than the current pure drivel phase of life.

- Matthew

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8 Responses to Organic Frozen Baby Food – Yum!!

  1. Mary Anna says:

    My 4 1/2-month-old started green beans yesterday – his first foray beyond rice cereal. He actually reached for the spoon and pulled it to his mouth tonight! So exciting! His older brother started with the same, and we have a very entertaining series of before, during and after photos of him covered in green goo!

  2. sandra says:

    Fifibear’s is a great frozen organic baby food available in the freezer section of Whole Foods. They specialize in complete gourmet meals with chicken, beef and fish. Provence Chicken is the most popular -Yum!

  3. Kate says:

    I wish I knew about this when my little one was eating baby food. Now she eats what we eat, so feeding her organic foods has become easier. But I would have loved to have some convenience foods when she was eating baby food. I will keep this in mind for my next kid.

  4. Todd says:

    We love Fifibear! We are excited for our baby to start eating it next month. Not cheap, but great stuff.

  5. YEy! my baby just started eating baby food!

  6. hair bows says:

    My mom advised me that it’s ok to give my baby frozen foods because as you said, nutrients are locked in. She also said that if I will give fresh vegetables I have to make sure it is fresh from the farm. Being a busy mom, I give her mostly frozen foods.

  7. my son ate organically eversince. its good to have a right start in your child nutrition.

  8. babyhawk says:

    for a second you call it organic and nutritious, and the other second you tell it is frozen food….hmm let me think !

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