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Prep School – The Art of Chopping Fast for Hungry Kids

Fun piece in the NY Times yesterday on the art (and necessity) of quick knife skills when there are small children to be attended to (um, that didn’t quite come out right did it?). What I mean is you need … Continue reading

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Why Your Kids Hate Green Vegetables

Apparently, there’s a scientific reason for why kids aged 1 to, well, middle-age turn their noses up at green veg. According to a recent Economist article, it seems that the ancestral cousins of what we now know as broccoli came … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Restaurant Review: Kiku Sushi, Los Angeles

Dad’s day with Desmond turned into a mid-day sushi experiment. Bear in mind the little one hasn’t sat still at a restaurant for more than 7 minutes in the past year, which is how we found ourselves saving 50 dollars … Continue reading

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30something Flavors of Ice Cream. All of Them Smashed.

Violet set up shop in the living room today, pretending to sell ice cream, of a sort, today, scooping it out of a bead-jewelry-making set, naming the different collections of beads according to flavors she dreamt up on the spot. … Continue reading

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In Praise of Brussels’ Sprouts

An amazing breakthrough. Following on from Hugh’s major success with grilled Broccolini, I’m pleased to report that my toddling son ate Brussels’ sprouts last week for the very first time. The secret to our success – well garlic and olive … Continue reading

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The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Asian Pears (paired with some sheep’s cheese while we’re at it)

The heirlooms are still looming, losing their sweetness, getting kinda mealy, but I’m not letting go. I’m riding them until they’re gone for good or abominably bad. My enthusiasm for squash was quashed long ago. Greens are still good (spinach … Continue reading

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