We think: are we bad parents? have we failed? Are we incapable of coming up with something more creative, more palate expanding, more healthy and sustaining than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (organic, whole wheat, yadda yadda), a sliced apple, and transfat-free cheese crackers?

We have failed. We are incapable.

BUT we are not bad parents. We remind ourselves that a fruit and yogurt smoothie, not too sweet, starts that day. That whole grain waffles do too. That dinner regularly involves cherry tomatoes, brocolli, salad, lean protein, the occasional good, sustainable fish (the occassional delicious and unsustainable kind too. but we try to limit that). Long way of saying: we branch out with our kids food elsewhere. While we don’t send our daughter to kindergarten (a newly unfamiliar place for her; for us) with newly unfamiliar food, we give her what comforts here. And it comforts us to give it.

Think about it: is there anything in the culinary world more satisfying, more perfect, more sustaining than the PBJ. Maybe the BLT (that other acronymal sandwich), but even that doesn’t provide the baseline sustenance of a great PBJ. PBJ. Salty, sweet, nutty, earthy, unctious. PBJ. BFF.

Not to say we won’t try some vietnamese-style summer roll wraps down the line in her lunchbox. But meanwhile, until kindergarten has become old hat, we’ll save the new stuff for meals at home.

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2 Responses to PBJ, BFF

  1. scott says:

    Funny. I booted up Typepad and saw your featured blog immediatly after fixing my kindergartener’s lunch for the day. My attempt was a homemade, healthier version of the popular Uncrustable he loves. My version included organic peanut butter, organic stawberry spread, and some of the new “white wheat” bread. I think he would still rather have the real thing.

  2. Hugh says:

    white bread definitely has its place in the world. I wouldn’t think of making a BLT with anything approaching a whole grain.

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