Super Easy Fall Snack: Pepitas and Cranberries

Img_5451Carving a pumpkin is fun. Removing the gunk from the 82 or so pumpkin seeds contained therein is a bit less so. But still, the lesson in “where pepitas come from” is a worthwhile one to teach the kids (toast the cleaned seeds in a pan in a bit of oil and some salt over medium heat until they’re good and crunchy). Sure you could get all riffy and throw in some cumin, some curry, some something, but the basic salty thing is the best and least likely to inspire palate rebellion. Yet: you and your kids will likely want more toasted seeds than a pumpkin or two will yield. Heck, do like my wife does and go by a bag of pepitas at Trader Joe’s. Then buy a bag of dried cranberries, mix them together and you’ve got a nice little autumnal snack. (If you’ve got other DIY trail mix ideas, let us know.)

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