The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Tropical Fruit Taste Test

Img_5356We hit our local farmer’s market and went to a stand selling a lot of tropical fruit, which is just starting to come in. Back home the kids and I did an impromptu little Gastrokid taste test. Here’s how our three tropical picks fared.

Strawberry Guavas:
Round, deep red, and the size of big grapes, with tiny little pits that feel as if they could crack a tooth.

Desmond, 2 years old: “Too spicy.”
Violet, 5 years old: “It’s good, but I don’t want another one.”
Me, 36 years old: Luscious, tart, refreshing, with moderate sweetness and floral and piney notes.

Passion fruit:
Wrinkled papery skin. Vibrant green yellow pulp and seeds.
Des: “No. You try.”
Vi: “No thank you.”
Me: Tart and floral, but I’ve had better. Here’s hoping they sweeten up as the season progresses.

Raw Macadamia Nuts:
Hard as heck shell that required a kitchen mallet to crack (I couldn’t find my nut cracker; do I even have a nutcracker?). Soft and ivory meat.

Des: “Uck.” He spits a wad of half chewed nuts into my hand.
Vi: “Yucky. Where’s my water?”
Me: rich and nutty but a bit bland. (I pan roast and salt them later. Still not so great.)


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