What to do with 25 dollars worth of produce

Img_5233Every week’s a little different at the farmer’s market, but early fall is pretty hard to beat: you’ve got the vestiges of summer and the promise of fall (baby zucchini and good apples bracket the moment). It’s a great time to to exploit the minimal work angle that good produce allows. And that moment in Southern California has just about passed.

Here’s a photo of a recent haul and what we did with it for the fam over the week. Want a more precise recipe for any of these? Let me know and I’ll try to come up with measurements and such.

tuscan kale (cavolo nero): blanched in salted boiling water, sauted with garlic, chile flakes, olive oil, salt until deep in color and tender.

Served as a side to a grilled new york strip.

Took the leftovers, mixed with ricotta and stuffed into tortellini.

butternut squash: halved and roasted with thyme and garlic.

served as a side to pork chops

took the leftovers and used as a filling (with a grating of nutmeg) for toretellini. I did this the same night I made the cavolo nero tortellini. Making tortellini once a week is plenty.

baby squash: sliced into two inch long matchsticks, sauteed with garlic, thyme, salt and pepper. Sauteed squid (pre cut, frozen from trader joes) in olive oil and garlic. Tossed with spaghetti.

Red seedless grapes: snack, duh.

baby greens: salad with cherry tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette. salted it to make it yummy, as usual.

apples: snack

asian pears: snack with Spanish sheep’s milk cheese

almost overripe yellow heirloom tomato: 4 minute tomato sauce, with garlic, had over pasta

brandywine heirloom: cut up and tossed with pan-toasted croutons (high heat, olive oil, toss toss toss until toasty) and fresh marjoram (or whatever fresh herb you’ve got) and olive oil for an easy panzanella

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