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Simple Salmon, Spanish Rice and Stealth Asparagus

Why stealth asparagus? Because as our son gets closer to his 4th birthday, the daily task of coaxing green veg down his throat gets harder and harder. At least his refusals get more creative. Gone is the immature 3 year … Continue reading

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Let Us Talk About Bibb Lettuce Bibs

Cafepress is that website that allows you to put just about anything on just about anything (your baby’s photo on a coffee mug; a photo of a coffee mug on a baby-tee; etc). Odd things evolve out of these possibilities: … Continue reading

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Black Beans + Brown Rice=Love

It ain’t pretty, but it’s pretty awesome that my son has finally locked in on a dish that he loves: black beans and brown rice. Who knew? We’ve exposed him to everything under the sun (the finest ripest heirloom tomatoes, … Continue reading

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My Son, Cocktail Consultant

On recent post-work playdates with the kids, my wife and I have been favoring a no-name cocktail made of gin, campari, and soda water (1 ounce gin and a 1/2 ounce campari poured over rocks, topped with soda water). A … Continue reading

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The Mod Kids Table

As midcentury modern design secures its dominant position in cosmopolitan dining rooms nationwide, the kids table can step up, too. Design Within Reach has some nice stuff, much of it pricey, but this Bunny Junior chair ain’t half bad at … Continue reading

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Fierce Potatoes

Inspired by Matthew’s Gastrokid A-Z entry on Pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika), I roasted up some yukon golds with the stuff last night and, man, were they good. My daughter is a lifelong pimenton freak; when she first tasted chorizo at … Continue reading

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The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Fall Salads for the Family

When it comes to salad I can be of a bit of kid myself (last thing I want to make and eat). But then fall rolls around and the cooling weather encourages the addition of all sorts of hearty ingredients … Continue reading

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A Post-Thanksgiving Proposal: Next Year, Don’t Roast the Turkey

I know this borders on sacrilege, but I’ve got my reasons. See, having been born in the Foodist 21st Century, my daughter has had some of the better turkeys of the world: smoked, brined, spice-rubbed, crisp skinned, succulent, free range, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Leftovers – Introducing Bubble n’ Squeak to America

They don’t do Thanksgiving here in Wales but they do do Bubble n’ Squeak – the delicious fried mishmash of potatoes and vegetables left over from the feast the day before. Bubble n’ Squeak is classic kid’s comfort food and … Continue reading

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Gastrokid in the Kitchen for Thanksgiving

Hugh and I are taking a little break from Gastrokid today in order to get Thanksgiving dinner ready. Have a good one and we’ll be back with a little something tomorrow. – Matthew

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