Addicted to Pear Juice

The end of the fresh fruit season brings many laments in our house but also some hidden joys.

After all, what better time of year to begin quaffing fresh pear juice? It’s a little sweeter (naturally of course) than pure apple juice though our current favourite is a mix of pear and apple.


We get it from a local producer – Old Sandlin Farm in Malvern just over the border in England. They don’t have a website but can be contacted on +44-(0)1886 832244.

Our second favourite – the Organic range from James White Drinks. And if you want to try another good Fall tipple, their Apple and Ginger juice has the pep you need for those dark near-wintery mornings.

- Matthew

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One Response to Addicted to Pear Juice

  1. KAM says:

    take a REALLY close look at that picture with the pear juice bottle….no, a little closer. notice the shape the dark area makes in the green glass, right above the kids hand. Might want to retake that photo.

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