Alice Waters Cookbooks: One for you. One for them.

9780060928681_1In 1992, Alice Waters (yes, she of Chez Panisse, the mother of the fresh-local-artisanal-mediterranean fetishization-organic-kids should eat organic-anyone who doesn’t eat organic is a jerk-movement) wrote a great and sweet cookbook for her daughter, Fanny at Chez Panisse. It gets across her simpler, natural-er is better tasting, better for the world philosophy. It’s also the source of my wife’s favorite pizza dough recipe, which she and the kids have collaborated on together with much success. It’s more for adults to read than kids, but is illlustrated beautifully and a joy to cook from. While you’re buying books by Alice Waters, pick up Chez Panisse Vegetables, a gorgeously illustrated alphabetical compendium of vegetables and what to do with them. I turn to this book more than just about any other one in my cookbook library.

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