Black Beans + Brown Rice=Love

Img_5849It ain’t pretty, but it’s pretty awesome that my son has finally locked in on a dish that he loves: black beans and brown rice. Who knew? We’ve exposed him to everything under the sun (the finest ripest heirloom tomatoes, grass fed beef, local burrata, strawberries sweet enough to please legions of toddlers) and he takes a pass. How can my daughter be an omnivore (stilton, pancetta, whatever) and my son a monovore (eating only one thing over and over for days on end: a week of bread. a week of string cheese)? Nature? Nurture? No idea.

So when he embraced this vegetarian staple, we were thrilled. It’s nutritious, cheap, and extremely easy to make. I wish I could claim that we soak our beans, simmer them lovingly with bay leaf and garlic and chicken stock. I wish that we had the 45 minutes to make brown rice or even something ancient/trendy like farro. But no. Our life is not like that. We use canned organic black beans and microwaved frozen rice. I know it sounds disgusting, but Des actually prefers the beans cold, so we don’t even cook them, just serve them straight out of that can. Still: black beans and brown rice. It’s downright healthy. It’s downright nutritious. It’s down right… vegetarian. If this keeps up, it’s not a stretch to imagine our little monovore growing up to be a vegan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Desmond’s Black Beans and Brown Rice (plus a burrito on the side for mom or dad)
1 can black beans
1 pouch frozen brown rice from Trader Joe’s

Microwave the rice. Open the can. Dish out a kid sized serving of both. (Take the rest of it and roll it into a tortilla with some cheese and salsa and eat that yourself)


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3 Responses to Black Beans + Brown Rice=Love

  1. Leslie says:

    That Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice is the BEST, isn’t it? We use it all the time! Working full time with 2 kiddos, I don’t usually have time for wait for regular brown rice to cook. The frozen stuff is pretty darn close to fresh-made! Thanks for your blog — I enjoy it a lot. I am trying to raise my kids to have an appreciation for all things gourmet and I’ve gotten some good tips from you all!

  2. Raine says:

    Just happened across your blog today and I’m so excited to find other foodie_parents.
    We’re also struggling to raise a foodie, who just turned 4.
    Slight of hand (tongue) seems to be working well for us, we no longer serve mushrooms, we only have fungi, and beans are now frijole!

  3. Hugh Garvey says:

    Love the TJ’s frozen brown rice. The white stuff’s good too.
    Calling broccolli “trees” worked with our son for 2 meals (a classic name-switch my parents pulled on me).
    Thanks to you both for reading and sharing.

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