Can Anyone Identify this Vegetable?

We were at the local farmer’s market yesterday and were intrigued by this large yellow (It’s the size of a small football), flying saucer-shaped vegetable.

So intrigued that we bought it without asking what it was called.


Can you help me identify it? My suspicion is that it is some type of zucchini/squash but after that I’m lost.

I’ve included a photo of the mystery legume and my son’s sketch of what it looks like.

Any tips on cooking it will also be appreciated (thinly sliced with olive oil and garlic could be a winner I bet).

- Matthew

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5 Responses to Can Anyone Identify this Vegetable?

  1. amy says:

    its a pattypan squash. how to cook? I’m not sure, but olive oil and garlic couldn’t hurt anything!

  2. Yes it is a pattypan squash, and it’s screaming to be stuffed with something delicious. Try scooping out the innards with a small spoon or melon scoop, and set aside. Rub a little olive oil, salt, and pepper into the cavity. Chop and sautee the innards with a little garlic, some chopped onion, and parsley, then combine with a little cheese, and stuff back into the cavity. Top with breadcrumbs mixed with olive oil and a touch of butter, and grated cheese. Bake in a preheated 375 oven, covered with foil, for about 20 minutes, or until heated through. Raise the heat to 400, uncover, and finish cooking five minutes to brown the top (or brown the tops under a broiler).
    These are such nice looking, child-friendly squashes — the cavity can also be used for soup, healthy dips, or even as a little flower pot on the dinner table. And of course the stuffing options are as varied as your imagination.

  3. Basheera Khan says:

    Alas, pipped to the post; but yes, it’s a patty pan. I can’t for the life of me remember how my mother used to cook them … steamed, perhaps, and served with a knob of butter in each half. (Or perhaps I’m confusing it with gem squash…)

  4. maman says:

    darn, yes, it is a pattypan squash… it is a summer squash like zucchini and can be prepared the same way…

  5. renee says:

    and I thought I knew something others didn’t: it’s a pattypan, and it comes in green as well. We saute them in olive oil with onion, green patty pan, zucchini, what have you.

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