Junk Food Too Hot For Kids TV

Remember that time when you and your friends sneaked Big Macs behind the school bikesheds? No of course you don’t.

But just as some of us might have indulged in the teenage adrenalin rush of an illicit cigarette years ago, so our kids may soon view junk food in the same way.

Today, the UK media regulator, Ofcom, put forward new rules to ban all adverts featuring junk food from TV aimed at under 16s. It would also ban celebrities from representing junk food unless they are intrinsic to the brand (someone had to keep Ronald McDonald in a job).

Ofcom does offer junk food pushers a quite bizarre olive branch though. Companies can keep advertising on kids’ TV as long as they don’t show their junk food in the ads.


That might make the big junk food companies look into left field for new brand representatives. Blue Cow  perhaps?…..Ooo er.

- Matthew

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One Response to Junk Food Too Hot For Kids TV

  1. I don’t know…
    What could be more tantalizing to kids than “banned” products?
    There seems to be a new movement — healthy foods cloaked in the packaging of junk foods. Stonyfield yogurts for kids, for one example. I like to see everything out in the open — makes it easier for producers of nutritious foods to make their products appealing to children.
    With bans like this, the lawless burrow underground, where they’re harder to catch.

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