Let Us Talk About Bibb Lettuce Bibs

83429743v5_150x150_frontjpg Cafepress is that website that allows you to put just about anything on just about anything (your baby’s photo on a coffee mug; a photo of a coffee mug on a baby-tee; etc). Odd things evolve out of these possibilities: such as the bibs made by a guy who runs the cafepress shop Sashimi Baby. His 15 dollar bibs are printed with unlikely, uninfantlike food terms like: C chorizo, M miso, K kaffir lime, a sort of wearable alphabet of gastronomy. A nice alternative to those “Got Milk” bibs and onesies. (check out our very own, just-launched culinary alphabet series, the Gastrokid A-Z).

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  1. Kids Cuisine says:

    Bibs for gourmet babies

    I recently stumbled on a great website, Gastrokid. Its run by two dads who weigh in on successful recipes, nutrition, and other great food-related stuff. My favorite post by far, though, has to be this one.  Hugh has found some great bibs for b…

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