Mothers Like to Chat and Have a Drink – Hold the Front Page

The New York Times has discovered an amazing new trend. Apparently some mothers like to relax with friends and have a drink …..all the while keeping a watchful eye on their kids.

Don’t get me wrong; we here at Gastrokid are all in favour of drinking and parenting (even a cursory reader of the site will know I can’t turn the broiler one without reaching for a glass of Rioja). But surely Mums having a tipple together is as old as the hills? No?

Am I missing something here?

Even having identified this guilty pleasure, the Times can’t let mothers’ relax too much:

"They know they will be criticized. They live, after all, in an age when
many parents are so protective, they hire consultants to childproof
their homes. Most acknowledge there can be a fine line between social
and problem drinking and that the mix of children and alcohol is a
dangerous one. And women who are pregnant keep away from the bar."

This is true – children and alcohol do not mix. When I was 18 months I apparently drank a whole glass of cream sherry inadvertently left in range of my already-honed dipso-radar. I slept great all night.

The Times is so excited about mother’s libation liberation that it senses the birth of a movement:

" some women are almost defiant in their defense of the afternoon
group “momtini,” as one blogger calls it, and they speak out on the
Web, in books and in interviews. The mothers do not know how many
like-minded women are out there — there is no real way to quantify it —
but they sense a change."

If only the Times could have been sure about the mom’s motivation for "happy hour playdates" as they call it.

"These women are not out to get drunk, they say. And they insist they are not drinking out of need," the article intones. But just a few sentences before, mommy cocktailer Kelley Ann Mansfield tells a different story:

“It’s before you take the first sip, as soon as your hand touches the
bottle. It’s like, ‘Man, I’ve gone through the day, I need to treat
myself.’ ” she says.

Moms, I think we can all drink to that, no?

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Mothers Like to Chat and Have a Drink – Hold the Front Page

  1. maman says:

    I have to admit that the first time I took a kid to a party and saw the parents hanging around and drinking wine, I was surprised. I thought that it was just something that the French did (my kids were going to a French school at the time). Ultimately though, I thought it was an eminently civilised approach to dealing with children’s festivities. It is ultimately recognizing that we are adults and not our children’s servants.

  2. Whitney says:

    We are extremely uptight in the States about kids and alcohol. Witness the dialog that occurred when I posted about a Mararita Mommies Group:

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