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A Sage Old Sausage Dressing for Thanksgiving

We like a lot of things about the Thanksgiving meal but nothing beats our annual homage to country sausage and sage dressing (apparently my wife tells me this is different from the stuffing I’d normally insert into the bird). Here … Continue reading

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The Gastrokid A – Z

We’ve decided to start a new regular feature on Gastrokid. It’s a handy A-Z of culinary terms, ingredients and whatever else we feel would contribute to an invaluable foodie glossary for kids and parents alike. In keeping with the organizational … Continue reading

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A – Z: Pimenton (Spanish Smoked Paprika)

If you’ve ever eaten real Spanish chorizo (not the Mexican variety), lomo de cerdo (the delightful dry-smoked pork loin that is both chewy and melt in the mouth) or an authentic Galician caldo stew, you’ll already know why pimenton is … Continue reading

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Gastrokid Labs Release the Ultimate Last Minute Thanksgiving Side Dish Formula

We at the Gastrokid International Test Kitchens know that for the past couple of weeks you’ve been bombarded with food and mainstream media alike telling you about the the ways by which one can improve the Thanksgiving meal through various … Continue reading

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Foodie Family Faceoff: Brussels Sprouts

With Thanksgiving two days away, it seemed appropriate to pull this one out of the recipe box. Matthew takes pride in his BS (brussel sprouts!) as he detailed in a post a couple weeks back. I too take pride in … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Batali and Silverton’s New Pizzeria Mozza is Gastrokid-Friendly From the Get Go

Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, and Nancy Silverton’s much-anticipated Los Angeles restaurant Pizzeria Mozza finally opened last week (the fancier Osteria is expected to early next year). And we’re happy to report it is already the family date place of the … Continue reading

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The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Spring.

I’m going to blame it on global warming. I swear I was going to write about all those Autumnal, apple-y, root-y, sage-y  sorts of things that are forever fused to the holiday subconscious. But the 90 degree heat has dashed … Continue reading

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Junk Food Too Hot For Kids TV

Remember that time when you and your friends sneaked Big Macs behind the school bikesheds? No of course you don’t. But just as some of us might have indulged in the teenage adrenalin rush of an illicit cigarette years ago, … Continue reading

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Placemats Matter

When I first expressed my affection for these

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Meet the Meatballs

My kids love them. My in-laws are suckers for them. I’m a sucker for them. It’s old school checkered table cloth Italian. But better, if I do say so myself. As with many dishes in the family meal repertoire, over … Continue reading

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