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Addicted to Pear Juice

The end of the fresh fruit season brings many laments in our house but also some hidden joys. After all, what better time of year to begin quaffing fresh pear juice? It’s a little sweeter (naturally of course) than pure … Continue reading

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PBJB: the peanut butter and jelly burrito, the most amazing variation on the PBJ ever

That might be an overstatement, but I suspect it’s not. There’s just one alteration and it makes all the difference: a whole wheat tortilla. Not a white one, mind you. You need something with a bit more character. Whole wheat … Continue reading

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The Broccoli Thief: how to make your kid one

My daughter loves broccoli and or broccolini, and I think it might have to do something with these tricks I’ve learned over the years: -peel the stalks of the thick and stringy skin -slice the stalks into medallions, encouraging them … Continue reading

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Can Anyone Identify this Vegetable?

We were at the local farmer’s market yesterday and were intrigued by this large yellow (It’s the size of a small football), flying saucer-shaped vegetable. So intrigued that we bought it without asking what it was called. Can you help … Continue reading

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Mothers Like to Chat and Have a Drink – Hold the Front Page

The New York Times has discovered an amazing new trend. Apparently some mothers like to relax with friends and have a drink …..all the while keeping a watchful eye on their kids. Don’t get me wrong; we here at Gastrokid … Continue reading

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Salmon and Haddock Fish Pie – Look Mom, No Bones!

Winter arrived this week in Wales with a frost and an icy chill that some people like to call "bracing". I rode my little boy to his nursery school one morning – stopping only to warm up his hands as … Continue reading

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Kid Friendly Restaurants – The Readers’ Guide

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions on kid friendly restaurants. Reading them, it seemed obvious that rather than letting these great ideas languish in the land of comments, we create a readers’ guide to kid friendly restaurants around the … Continue reading

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Alice Waters Cookbooks: One for you. One for them.

In 1992, Alice Waters (yes, she of Chez Panisse, the mother of the fresh-local-artisanal-mediterranean fetishization-organic-kids should eat organic-anyone who doesn’t eat organic is a jerk-movement) wrote a great and sweet cookbook for her daughter, Fanny at Chez Panisse. It gets … Continue reading

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Frozen Food Fight

I’m not sure where Hugh stands on the issue of frozen food for kids (I’m sure he will let us know) but, on this side of the Gastrokid pond, I don’t see any big problem with serving your kids food … Continue reading

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Yahoo Does Foodies

If you missed last week’s launch of Yahoo Food, go check it out. Like all Yahoo’s editorial ventures, Yahoo Food comes packed with potential. There’s multimedia recipes, photo sharing of great dishes, a foodie Yahoo answers and punchy blogs all … Continue reading

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