Thanksgiving Leftovers – Introducing Bubble n’ Squeak to America

They don’t do Thanksgiving here in Wales but they do do Bubble n’ Squeak – the delicious fried mishmash of potatoes and vegetables left over from the feast the day before. Bubble n’ Squeak is classic kid’s comfort food and a great way of mutilating vegetables which also has good kiddie appeal.

Of course in Wales, BnS or Fry Up as its also known is served on Boxing Day ( I think i just wrote a sentence that could be completely unintelligible to a US audience!). Boxing Day….day after Christmas….don’t ask, no-one here has a clue why it’s called it.

But I digress. Back to Thanksgiving or the day after to be precise.

Hopefully you’ve saved the leftover mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasties and various green veg (we made sauteed leeks, those good ol Brussel sprouts, and tender green beans with just a slight smother of butter). We also have some of the sausage dressing left over.

Take all the leftovers and mash them all together in a bowl. Heat a large non-stick pan with olive or vegetable oil, then add the strange looking mixture. Fry on a medium heat until all is warmed through and the mashed potato has started to crisp (as it would with a potato pancake).

Serve with the cold turkey you still have left and, if you are like me, add a dash of hot sauce to give it that extra zip.

- Matthew

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One Response to Thanksgiving Leftovers – Introducing Bubble n’ Squeak to America

  1. Dana Evans says:

    Well darn. Wish I had found your blog before Thanksgiving and done your Bubble n’Squeak. I did live in the UK for a while so your sentence translated just fine to me.
    Anyway – I have 2 year old biy/girl twins and am delighted to find your site. My son has a dairy and egg allergy – any good recipe recommendations without the usual toddler amount of cheese? I will give your black beans and rice a whirl. They seem to be surviving on mostly chicken nuggets. ugh.
    Well you have a new fan from the other side of the pond in Lyme, Connecticut! I’ll be back :-)

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