The Kid Friendly Restaurant World Tour Begins

Thanks for all your comments today – especially those of you who
contributed suggestions on the Kid Friendly Restaurants of the World.

We’ve enjoyed a taste test from as far afield as Tokyo to Switzerland to San Francisco and we’re hungry for more.

We’ll be looking at all of your restaurant choices over the next few
days and compiling a Gastrokid reader’s list that we’ll post next week.
Hopefully we can build this into a regular reader-generated part of the

Keep em coming….along with all your other thoughts on themes Gastrokid.

- Matthew

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One Response to The Kid Friendly Restaurant World Tour Begins

  1. Leslie O says:

    Well, I live in New York and travel a lot with my kids – so I have a few fave suggestions… (I should also mention I’m a vegetarian.)
    New York
    Veselka – This Ukranian restaurant in the East Village is like a diner, but features Ukranian specialties like perogies, stuffed cabbage and borscht. It is all good, and kids love it!
    The Odeon – for a nicer time out, this Tribeca classic is great for kids, and includes crayons, and a fancy kid drink menu.
    Edward – across the street from Odeon in Tribeca, this French bistro is a hit for their french fries and crayons!
    Dekk – also in Tribeca, but across the street from the great Washington Market Park playground, this is a great spot for lunch or brunch with kids because they play movies on two big screens on either side of the restaurant – thereby buying you a little distraction time for a real conversation among the adults. (Also down the street from The Soda Shop for real ice cream sodas.)
    Kitchenette – now in a new location on Chambers Street, Kitchenette is a pink striped kids dream! Drinks come in jars, and the cookies are phenominal. Great kid menu.
    Alas, our beloved Two Boots Pizzaria has become a slow serviced vegan restaurant. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids, but across the street the take out Two Boots remains untouched and has big booths if you want to sit a while!
    Now farther afield:
    Beijing, China
    Wahaha Restaurant – Conveniently located near Wangfujing Street, Wahaha has big tanks in the entrance featuring all manner of odd sealife – a big hit to keep kids interested! The food is great, and you can get a seperate table so kids can kick around a little.
    The restaurant at the Jade Buddha Temple – an exceptional vegetarian spot, it is great fun for the kids to see all the “mock meat” dishes (and guess what they really are – carrots as crab?) and sit with a monk in robes!
    Crystal Jade – Great Dim Sum in Xiantiandi. Loud and crazy, the way Dim Sum should be!
    Bangkok, Thailand
    The Sala Rim Naam is famous, and fun for kids. You eat at traditional kantokh tables (no chairs) and watch traditional Thai dances performed. Yes, it’s touristy, but it also give a good background into some of the religious stories and national fables that are illustrated through out the country.
    The outdoor restaurant at the Peninsula Bangkok – OK, it’s a hotel restaurant as well (the Sala Rim Naam belongs to the Oriental Hotel) but my kids and I can think of nothing funner than sitting on the river in Bangkok and watching the world go by…
    I have been through a fair bit of Asia with my kids, and honestly the people in Asia are usually great with kids and very welcoming (even at very exclusive places like the Aman Resorts) – but I needed to do this quickly. My tips on eating and traveling with kids:
    1) Do your big meal at lunch. Restaurants are less crowded, kids are calmer, the staff is not harried and that way at the end of the day if everyone is too exhausted (especially if you are jet lagged) you don’t have to feel bad ordering room service. At the end of a long day, it is sometimes relaxing to let the kids just run around the hotel room!
    2) Sometimes a club floor is worth it. Club floors usually have around 5 food services a day. With kids this means you can snack, get drinks or if you have had a full day of touring with a big lunch, it may mean that the cocktail service becomes your dinner. Club floors are more expensive, but the convenience is sometimes worth it (and cheaper than a big dinner out no one eats because they are too tired!)
    That’s all for now – but since I work in travel and travel with my kids I’m happy to help out!
    Leslie Overton
    General Manager
    Absolute Travel

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