The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Fall Salads for the Family

Img_6066When it comes to salad I can be of a bit of kid myself (last thing I want to make and eat). But then fall rolls around and the cooling weather encourages the addition of all sorts of hearty ingredients that I (and kids) tend to like: specifically nuts and cheese. This is one of those classic fall salads we’ll be eating a lot of for the rest of the year: some greens, some seasonal fruit, some nuts, and some cheese. And (apart from the nuts) we bought all of this at our local farmer’s market.

for this Radicchio, Walnut, Pear, and Stilton Salad

…I will shred the radicchio on my Benriner slicer (or just slice it thinly with my chef’s knife; you could also use a mandolin).
-I will dress the radicchio with some olive oil and lemon juice and a bit of salt and pepper
-I will slice the pear thinly
-I will toast and crumble the nuts
-I will crumble the Stilton cheese (or other strong blue)
-I will plate it thusly: first the radicchio, then the pear slices, then the nuts, then the stilton
-My daughter will pick around the bitter radicchio in search of stray bits of stilton. If we’re lucky she’ll have bite or two of radicchio
-My son will eat the nuts
-My wife and I will eat all of it

Here are a couple of other variations (with less bitter greens than radichhio, that can admittedly be a bit too much for the little ones) that make a salad a multi colored, multi texured thing that just might entice the kids to eat stuff they otherwise wouldn’t. Dress them lightly with any vinaigrette you like (sherry or red wine vinegars are nice; balsamic adds that sweetness that kids to respond to).

arugula+ pine nuts + apples + goat cheese
arugula + almonds (marcona or otherwise) + quince paste or apples + manchego (or other sheep’s cheese)
red leaf lettuce + blood oranges + walnuts + thinly sliced red onion + shaved parmesan

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