Thinking Outside the Lunchbox

Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob Square Pants lunchboxes are all well and good, but what could be cooler for school than a multicolored melamine bento box? Speaking of sustainable (never a non sequitur these days), the separate washable compartments do away with the need for ziploc baggies and other wasteful storage stuff. The square, 3 compartment model runs 36 bucks at the most excellent store Plastica.

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3 Responses to Thinking Outside the Lunchbox

  1. Nicholas Pospishil says:

    Cool design; however the individual compartments can’t be placed in a microwave.

  2. Kiim says:

    My kids have typical lunchboxes, but I often use a an old Tupperware system designed for freezing homemade hamburgers as a mini version of what’s pictured above. I can pack a handful of grapes in one, carrots with a bit of dressing in the next, and a few pretzels or chips in another. They fit together nicely and still leave room in the lunchbox for a main course and a drink.

  3. carmelo rivera says:

    I purchased two bento boxes from mod cloth, and they look great but they have blemishes from the strap. Also the strap is not lined up properly. I am so disappointed in this product because I was really looking forward to its arrival. It looks so awesome online, but the two i purchased were less than desirable. This is a 40 dollar product that could be amazing. I still want the product, but without flaws.

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