Yahoo Does Foodies

If you missed last week’s launch of Yahoo Food, go check it out.

Like all Yahoo’s editorial ventures, Yahoo Food comes packed with potential. There’s multimedia recipes, photo sharing of great dishes, a foodie Yahoo answers and punchy blogs all packaged in a slick "you can almost feel the glossy paper" magazine layout.

I love what Yahoo is trying to do by combining professional recipes with a community of food lovers who can add so much more to the experience (quite possibly because that’s what we are also trying to do….albeit on a slightly smaller scale!)

However, I can’t help but think that Yahoo is overlooking a crucial element to any successful food "magazine". The missing ingredient? A sense of style and a bit of attitude.

Is it me or does Yahoo Food seem, well, a little bland at present? I’m sure more Martha Stewart and more Rachel Ray is great for traffic but it underwhelmes on flavor.

At present, Yahoo Food is like gumbo without the hot sauce and if you are like me, you need a little spice in your food media diet.

- Matthew

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