A Silent Smoothie: is there such a thing?

Every morning, my lovely wife makes amazing, satisfying, sustaining, foundational fruit and yogurt smoothies that I’m certain keep our family in good health, low cholesterol, and generally decent spirits. (Check out our smoothie strategies on this earlier post). But the blender is so darned noisy, splitting the morning air with an auditory violence that sends me and the children to the far corners of the house. The offending appliance is an Osterizer 10 speed blender that appears to have been discontinued. We’ve had several brands over the years: from 75 dollars or so to less than 15 bucks. And we’ve burned each of them out in a year or so. Question: does a tolerably quiet, reliable, and not-butt-ugly blender exist? I’d love to hear, before I lose my hearing.

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4 Responses to A Silent Smoothie: is there such a thing?

  1. Raine says:

    Two osterizers in two years (milkshakes and mole, not smoothies…). Can you use the handblender? Ours comes with a 500ml “cup” that works ok for shakes.
    What about coffee grinders? Do we risk the chance of waking the still sleeping child, or is it better to do without the morning fix?

  2. Ty says:

    I have a Kitchen Aid blender with the stainless steel pitcher. It’s not silent, but it’s definitely not deafening. I can almost have a conversation while using it. It’s sort of a low rumble instead of the usual high pitched wail.
    It also makes absolutely perfect drinks! I got it because it was what our bartenders used when I waited tables in grad school.
    Maybe try that?

  3. My blender is loud too, so I make the smoothies at night when I’m cleaning up after dinner (when the house is still in noise mode). Refrigerate overnight, shake it up in the morning, and serve.

  4. Corinna says:

    Krups KB720 silent blender

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