Chop Talk

My wife scored all sorts of cool things at my daughter’s school fundraiser. Not only did she get that awesome salty seaweed we’re now addicted to, but also these very cool chopstick clips called Fun Chop Chopstick Helpers. F3It’s basically a little flexible plastic hinge into which you can clip disposable bamboo chopsticks. Easily pocketable, you can tote these with you and the brood to any Asianesque restaurant. According to the site, the Nobu restaurant empire is a customer, though I can’t quite figure out from the website where these are available to civilians in search of a few. They do seem to sell them in industrial quantities though. For something admittedly cuter, but a bit cumbersome looking, you might want to scope out these chopstick kids. 57a55d182e7eda66dd0d2132ebdd493e

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  1. mod*mom says:

    i love your header too!

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