Kiddie Cocktails Continued: White Russian (aka glass of milk)

I see a whole new line of Gastrokid Kiddie Cocktails being added to the menu soon so here’s my Monday morning thought:

For months I’ve been having an on-going battle with Dylan (almost 4) about drinking his milk. Morning milk is a lost cause (at least it doesn’t seep down the side of the couch during the CBeebies TV session) but we’re still persevering with a glass of milk before bed-time.

Reinventing an old brand

So why not re-brand that boring glass of milk as a kiddie White Russian? Okay, so we’ll skip the vodka and Kahlua, but we’ll keep the ice cubes and maybe add a maraschino cherry in lieu of a bedtime cookie.

Maybe I should buy Dylan a velvet pyjama "smoking" jacket to accompany his high society toddler tipple? After all, a glass of milk surely never sounded so sophisticated.

- Matthew


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One Response to Kiddie Cocktails Continued: White Russian (aka glass of milk)

  1. Raine says:

    Our milk battle was solved by letting him have “coffee” every morning.
    He chose his own plastic mug from the gift shop of the Atlanta aquarium (it’s stunning, let me tell you). Fill it half way with milk, microwave ’til just warm, and add a few shakes of cinnamon sugar (from The Spice House in Chicago). While it’s heating, pour your own real coffee! Other than having to explain to Gramma that “No, he’s not really drinking coffee now” this has worked great!

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