Loving Ovens: Real v. Fake

The other day, unbidden, my 5 year old daughter asked if she could cook an egg for herself. Sure, I said. She cracked one into a bowl (i helped her fish out the shell shards). She whisked it herself. She put the bowl into our microwave. I told her which button to push. A minute later she had a cooked egg, which she salted with kosher salt with all the aplomb of a professional line cook (she took a pinch of kosher salt and tossed it over the egg with confidence and intent). Our microwave cost all of 80 bucks. Which makes me balk at this not inexpensive $229 toy stove which plants a lot of pink but not a lot of functionality into one’s household. Imagination goes a long way, but does it require such expensive plastic? B000f3ofi016_sclzzzzzzz_ss260_v55980969_ At the same store (Target), you could, for a pretty penny less, get a $100 microwave that, with some supervision, could catapult a kid into full-fledged, fully cooking gastrokiddom. B0007zhjdo16_sclzzzzzzz_ss260_
Just saying, depending on your kid’s age, you might want to consider giving them a microwave that they can be in charge of (as far as button pushing goes. Beyond that, adult supervision and intervention is clearly required here). My 5 year old daughter was thrilled to have made herself an egg, and with an adult handling all the hot stuff, she’s only going to feel more empowered in the kitchen.

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