Mermaid Snack

Img_6082Here’s our new favorite snack: roasted, seasoned seaweed (my mermaid-obsessed daughter is into this aquatic detail). We picked it up at a fundraiser for my daughter’s school and we’ve eaten two packages of it so far: it’s a Korean-style product called roasted laver (click through for any number of varieties; “seasoned laver” is the good salty stuff), which is a kind of seaweed, pressed into paper thin sheets, then roasted and salted. It is so darned good, like some super delicate, oceanic potato chip. Addictive. In fact, in the 84 seconds or so it took me to compose this post, I alone consumed package number three.

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  1. Marthachick says:

    Baby Vivian is a fiend for Nori seaweed. So good for you, and so portable! I’ll cut a sheet into squares and toss it into a snack-size zippy –stays good in the ol’ bag for a looooong looong time.

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