The Gastrokid Holiday Gift Guide: Part One

With only about 8 business days left on the calendar to buy, wrap, and ship presents, Matthew’s last post just about put me in a panic. So in the Gastrokid spirit of infinite riffs (and in the spirit of the impending season of acquisition, most often referred to as Christmas), herewith, the first full-fledged installment of the Gastrokid Holiday Gift Guide. First up are three, kid-focused, culinary-themed products from the excellent Los Angeles based design-studio notNeutral.

P3 Chalk Board, $32
Introduce your budding gastropub-owning gastrokid to the fundamental concepts of daily specials and menu-planning with these little mod chalk board panels.

Mixed_smbwlset_thIn the Mix Small Bowl Set, $58
In the realm of kids tableware, there’s no shortage of brightly colored plates, saucers, and bowls, which makes these oven-safe, black and white-patterned bowls and saucers a nice, comparatively-simple, graphic relief. Not unbreakable, but some day a G-kid’s gotta learn to respect the crockware.

Kids_aprons_thumbKids Apron, $18
My daughter loves her little pint-sized apron. My son is jealous, so I’m stuck modifying huge, adult-sized aprons with special knots and folds. No need with these, which come in bright colors and are printed with a nice stain-obscuring pattern.

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