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Paella…Without the Rice (But with Chickpeas to Boot)

We’ve been having a few rice issues in our house recently – namely our little one, Zelda, seems to be super allergic to it. Which poses a few problems when it comes to cooking, oh, well, nearly 60 percent of … Continue reading

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Organic String Cheese Alert

Okay, so that might be a bit of a strident headline, but it’s worth noting that our local Trader Joe’s market just recently started stocking organic string cheese. Given the fact that it probably constitutes an entire food group in … Continue reading

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The Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Chinese Broccoli

I recently scored some Chinese broccoli at my farmer’s market. I bought it at a stand specializing in Asian ingredients like bitter melon, thai basil, bird chiles, sugar in cane form (which would appear to make a nice edible walking … Continue reading

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Gastrokid Hits the Times

From the department of periodic self promotion: Hugh and I are kinda thrilled to see Gastrokid featured in the New York Times’ Style section today. The Times has a fun feature on what we, I guess, would term the gastrokid … Continue reading

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The Pizza Palate Expansion Project

Of the few dishes universally beloved by children, pizza is perhaps the most powerful of all. Exploit the inborn penchant for pizza, and take your kids palates where they’ve never been before by substituting more adventurous toppings here and there: … Continue reading

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Mad About Maki

Our Brooklyn friend, Beth, sent our little boy, Dylan, the Melissa & Doug wooden sushi play set that Hugh raved about a while back. What can I say? We don’t normally double post on stuff but this toy bento box … Continue reading

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The Last-Minute Breakfast Club

As much as I’d love to take credit for it, it wasn’t my idea to make breakfast for my wife this morning. While my wife slept in, five year old Violet, out of the blue, suggested we make a nice … Continue reading

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Kid Fresh Delivers the Goods

One of our regular readers, Jean, has tipped us off to this cool-looking new Manhattan store with a  soon-to-be online shopping experience. It’s called Kid Fresh and, while I don’t know a whole lot more about it than what we’ve … Continue reading

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The Monday Family Farmer’s Market Report: Brussels sprouts, acidic olive oil, and food flirting

Saddened to learn that green beans are finally out of season here in newly cold California, I bought some brussels sprouts. At home during dinner prep, my five year old Vi saw me julienning the sprouts for a quick sautee … Continue reading

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Umami (and Udadi)

Kids are suckers for umami, the Japanese notion of the fifth flavor (“savoryness” is the rough translation; the other four are the standard bitter, sour, salty, and sweet; chemically it’s glutamate. The G in MSG). Work umami into the dishes … Continue reading

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